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          An important factor affecting the sales of epoxy floor paint products is the problem of after-sales service. Many epoxy floor paint manufacturers often do not pay attention to the after-sales service of products, and the products are sold regardless. Although you sold the products at that time, the customers will remember that the next time your products will not sell them there, so vicious follow. The more business goes on, the narrower the road will be. Epoxy floor paint product is a semi-finished product, no paint brand said that their products do not need technical services. But Xiaobian saw that many floor paint distributors are due to the technical service of a floor paint manufacturer is not timely and in place, leading to the abandonment of a brand. Technical service, frankness, openness and effectiveness determine the sales confidence of distributors and business personnel in their own brand. 环氧地坪漆售后服务承诺:

          After-sales service commitment of epoxy floor paint:


          I. Return visit system


          1. During the warranty period, the after-sales service team of our company is responsible for the follow-up service of the construction projects undertaken by our company, soliciting the opinions of the users on the quality of the project, and deeply understanding the actual use effect, finding out the problems in the quality of the project, analyzing the reasons, and promptly studying the improvement measures.


          2. During the warranty period, the return visiting group visits once every quarter. Quality visits are made once a year outside the warranty period.


          3. In the course of the return visit, rectification or maintenance shall be carried out according to the requirements put forward by the construction unit.二、质量保修

          Quality warranty


          1. The quality guarantee period of epoxy flooring project shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.


          2. For any project quality problems found by the owner after the epoxy floor project was put into use, our company will send a special person to contact and put forward the treatment plan within 24 hours after receiving the notification, and start the construction treatment within 48 hours. We will also actively cooperate and provide technology for the treatment of quality problems that are not within the scope of our contract. Support and service, make every effort to ensure the normal use of Engineering functions.


          3. After the expiration of the warranty period, our company will continue to provide services for users, as long as there are quality problems, the same door-to-door maintenance services. If the quality problems are caused by construction reasons, our company will implement a free warranty system. If the quality problems are caused by improper use, our company will also assist the construction units to solve the problems and provide comprehensive, reliable and effective technical services.

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