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          Flat knife is an important tool used in the construction of epoxy floor paint. It is used in batch scraping to coat mortar layer, putty layer and scraping paint. However, there are scratch marks on the surface of the epoxy floor after construction due to some reasons, which seriously affects the aesthetics of the epoxy floor project. So what causes scratch marks on the surface of epoxy floor paint? How to avoid them?导致环氧地坪漆表面出现刮刀痕原因:

          Causes of scratch marks on the surface of epoxy floor paint:


          1. There are some problems in the operation of epoxy floor constructors, i.e. uneven knife holding, resulting in different depth of stubble between each batch scraping.


          2. The application viscosity of epoxy floor paint is too high, and the volatilization rate of diluent is too fast.


          3. Moisture is mixed into epoxy floor paint, which makes pigment particles flocculate at oil-water interface and reduces the fluidity of the paint.


          4. Overfeeding at one time. When scraping floor paint, it is necessary to pour the paint on the ground first, and then scrape it with a trowel. When the paint is overdumped, it takes a long time to scrape out, but the leveling of the floor paint is getting worse and worse, and eventually it can not leveling automatically, resulting in knife marks.


          5. Repeatedly leveling off. When constructing epoxy floor paint, it should be clean and neat. It can not be collected repeatedly, scraped several times without scraping well, and scraped again and again. Otherwise, there will be knife marks.


          6. After batch scraping, the mortar layer was not fully polished. 避免环氧地坪表面施工后出现刮刀痕的方法:

          Method of avoiding scratch marks on the surface of epoxy floor after construction:


          1. The construction of epoxy floor paint must select experienced construction workers. Professional construction technology is the premise of making high-quality epoxy floor paint.


          2. In order to avoid excessive viscosity in the construction of epoxy floor coatings, the viscosity of epoxy floor coatings can be adjusted by adding matching diluents.


          3. Epoxy floor paint is an oily material. It must avoid water entering. Once water enters, it must be absorbed by filter paper before it is used.


          4. Epoxy floor paint construction should not be too much of a single ingredient, and each pour should not be too much.


          5. When scraping and painting epoxy floor paint, do not take it back again and again. When scraping and painting, it should be clean and neat.


          6. After each batch is scraped once and the mortar is dried, it needs fine polishing and dust absorption. The purpose is to remove the particles and traces on the surface, and then follow up with the batch scraping once or twice putty to fill the depression left by the mortar layer.

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