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           环氧地坪漆是一种高强度、耐磨损、美观的地板,具有整体无缝、抗压耐磨耐冲击、耐药品性佳、防腐、防尘、保养方便、维护费用低廉等优点。 适用于各种场地,如:厂房、机房、仓库、实验室、病房、手术室、车间等。根据环氧地坪漆施工工艺的不同,可以分为普通平涂型,砂浆型,自流平型,防静电型及防腐型等等环氧地坪。普通型环氧薄涂环氧地坪,使用滚筒施工,方便简单,用量少,成本低,但是厚度低,耐压能力比更有厚度的环氧砂浆地坪差。环氧自流平地坪使用带齿镘刀施工,施工厚度能达1.5mm-2.0mm,外观光滑平整,能达到镜面效果。但是自流平地坪漆价格比较高,一般适合用在要求高的电子厂房生产车间或制药厂内。另外还有一些功能性优异的地坪漆,如:防静电地坪漆等。

          Epoxy floor paint is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor. It has the advantages of seamless, compressive, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, good resistance, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. Suitable for all kinds of venues, such as: workshop, machine room, warehouse, laboratory, ward, operating room, workshop, etc. According to the different construction technology of epoxy floor paint, it can be divided into ordinary flat coating type, mortar type, self-leveling type, anti-static type and anti-corrosion type, etc. The common epoxy thin-coated floor is constructed by drum, which is convenient, simple, less used and low cost, but its thickness is low and its pressure resistance is worse than that of epoxy mortar floor with thicker thickness. The self-leveling epoxy floor is constructed with toothed trowel cutter. The construction thickness can reach 1.5mm-2.0mm, the appearance is smooth and smooth, and the mirror effect can be achieved. However, self-leveling floor paint has a high price and is generally suitable for use in high-demand electronics workshop or pharmaceutical factory. In addition, there are also some floor paints with excellent functions, such as anti-static floor paints and so on. 环氧地坪漆施工

          Construction of Epoxy Floor Paint一般来说,环氧地坪漆主要是施工在混凝土水泥地面上,但是对于没有做过环氧地坪漆的消费者来说可能会有这样的疑问,水泥地面能直接施工环氧地坪漆吗?

          Generally speaking, epoxy floor paint is mainly constructed on concrete cement floor, but for consumers who have not done epoxy floor paint, there may be such a question. Can epoxy floor paint be directly constructed on cement floor?光磊环氧地坪漆厂家表示:水泥地面是不可以直接刷环氧地坪漆的,因为对于收光以后的水泥地面表面过于光滑,附着力差,直接涂刷底漆容易造成环氧地坪漆涂层脱落。因此,水泥地面施工环氧地坪漆之前需要做以下处理:

          Guanglei epoxy floor paint manufacturer said: the cement floor can not directly brush the epoxy floor paint, because the cement floor after the light is too smooth, poor adhesion, directly brushing the primer easily causes the epoxy floor paint coating to fall off. Therefore, the following treatment should be done before the epoxy floor paint is applied on the cement floor:1、地坪漆施工之前要求基面必须打磨处理,可以有效清理地面其他附着物以及拉毛地面提高地坪漆的附着力。

          1. Prior to the construction of floor paint, it is required that the base surface must be polished, which can effectively clean up other attachments on the floor and improve the adhesion of the floor paint.2、地坪漆施工要求基面含水率不高于8%,所以建议水泥浇筑完成后晾干之后再进行施工。 测定含水率可以采用薄膜法以及含水率测试仪进行测试。最简单的薄膜法:用1米×1米的塑料薄膜铺到地面上,四周压紧,24小时候观察薄膜表面是否有水珠凝结。

          2. Floor paint construction requires that the moisture content of the base surface should not be higher than 8%, so it is suggested that the construction be carried out after the completion of cement pouring and drying. The water content can be measured by film method and water content tester. The simplest film method is to lay a plastic film of 1 m x 1 m on the ground, compact it around, and observe whether there is water droplet condensation on the surface of the film 24 hours later.3、环氧地坪漆施工基面处理是非常重要的一个环节,在确保地面含水率正常后。采用无尘打磨机对地面进行打磨处理,目的是清除地面附着物,打磨收光时产生的痕迹。确保最终成型地坪漆表面光滑。

          3. The base treatment of epoxy floor paint construction is a very important link, after ensuring the normal surface moisture content. A dust-free grinder is used to grind the ground. The purpose is to remove the attachments on the ground and to polish and polish the traces produced during polishing. Ensure smooth surface of final formed floor paint.4、对于地面缝隙及伸缩缝要进行切槽(v型槽),在涂布底漆之后,要用砂浆对缝隙处进行修补。完毕后方可进行下一环节。

          4. Groove cutting (v-groove) is necessary for ground crevices and expansion joints. After primer coating, mortar is used to repair the crevices. After that, the next step can be carried out.

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